The Importance of Video Content Volume

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Online video has gained a solid reputation in the content marketing sphere for delivering results that word-driven marketing generally doesn’t match. However, even with the power of video, content marketers are still making some of the same mistakes they made (and continue to make) with word-based marketing (articles, etc.) Namely, the lack of content volume.

Two of the most important factors in keeping your audience engaged are producing quality content, and delivering this content on a frequent and regular basis. Unfortunately, many content marketing teams are not yet up to this standard. More often than not, this is not due to their ignorance of the importance of content volume, but rather a lack of resources. The following evidence is from a joint survey conducted by SEO firm Skyword and Unisphere Research.

“Two thirds of executives say their greatest challenge is to produce more targeted, relevant content to engage audiences. Another 53% say they can’t produce enough content to keep audiences coming back on a regular basis. Lean staffing resources may be part of the challenge — about half of respondents indicated they have people or teams dedicated to content marketing; however, for the most part, these teams tend to be small. Enterprises with dedicated content marketing managers or teams, post more content more frequently, and report greater measured benefits from their content marketing.”

In a press release accompanying the survey, Skyword CEO Tom Gerace emphasized the importance of volume in content marketing, stating: “In today’s era, customers must be engaged with a regular, constant stream of content. The Internet and social media worlds are active on a 24×7 basis, and the winners of the digital marketing race will be the ones that keep pace.” Gerace added that while many of the companies that were surveyed understood the importance of “quality, original content…most companies do not have the internal resources to create, promote and measure it.”

A lack of internal resources can seriously impede a company’s ability to conduct a successful video content marketing campaign. The solution is to engage the services of a dedicated video production company which focuses on producing quality content and knows the importance of content volume.


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