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Video increases a web page’s likelihood of being on the front page of a Google search result by 96 percent, according to Forrester Research. It’s one thing to have video content on your website, but it’s another to have engaging content that keeps viewers interested and coming back for more. Video definitely helps draw people to your website, but it has just as much potential to push people away if the content is no good. With that in mind, here are some interesting video ideas that will keep the clicks coming.


Video Blogging

Video blogging allows you to let your company’s personality come out. Its loose style can really humanize your company in the eyes of clients, and is also a great way to stay current. You can use a video blog to highlight recent trade show trips, awards, and more.

Employee Interviews

Interviewing employees lets clients in behind the scenes to give them a better picture of the culture at your company. Instead of dealing with a carefully-crafted company image, clients get to see employees who are most likely just like them. This is another great way to build personality and trust.

Expert Interviews

Along the same lines as employee interviews, expert interviews can be used to highlight a company’s mission and show that you have a genuine interest in your business that goes beyond just making a profit.


Video of company events lets you put your best foot forward and toot your own horn a little bit. Showing your company in the spotlight at an event, when done tastefully, helps build reputation and engagement with the community.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are great for demonstrating new products, or even products that aren’t necessarily yours, but have abroad appeal. For example, if you were a home improvement contractor you could make a video about how to match color schemes in a kitchen. These kind of topics are frequently searched on Google, meaning you could tap into a large pool of potential clients.


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