3 Reasons Why Someone Would Share Your Video Content

Video Share

There are a number of reasons why someone might decide to share your video with their friends on social media.

Shares are one of the primary statistics that determine the success of any piece of online content. However, with so much content being shared on social media nowadays, it can be hard to know just how your brand can stand out from the crowd. By understanding the rationale behind why anyone would share your video content in the first place, you can make better decisions about your video projects and get your content in front of the eyes of more people, creating more value for your video. A recent study by StoryScience analyzed why people share videos on social networks and drilled it down to three primary reasons. Let’s examine each reason in detail.

1. Emotional

According to StoryScience, a study by researchers at Penn determined that when content from the New York Times was successful in arousing the reader’s emotions, that content was more likely to be shared on social networks. But which emotions are more successful than others, and is there a difference with video content as opposed to written content? For long-form content, mixing emotions usually results in more shareability value for your viewers. With short-form content, it’s better to stick to one emotion. Regardless of the length, a great story will be able to create the emotions necessary for your video to be successful on social media.

2. Cognitive

There are two methods humans use to make cognitive decisions every day. One way is used to make very complex decisions – this involves a conscious effort and tends to move very slowly. The other method is quick and unconscious and is used for simpler decisions. Scientists estimate that we make 90% of our decisions using this method, and as a marketer for your brand you can use this information in your video projects. Increase the likelihood of your audience sharing your content by presenting it in a simple, straightforward way. Even directly asking your audience to share your video content will show results.

3. Motivational

What is the end goal for a social media user who shares a piece of content? There are a number of reasons, such as developing relationships with others or defining oneself and what’s important to them. However, they all relate to the idea that the user gains some kind of social benefit from sharing the content with their friends. By identifying this, and creating content based around personas likely to be within your target audience, you can create video content that better serves your audience’s needs and make it more likely that it will be shared.


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