The Importance of Flow in Corporate Event Production

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We’ve talked a lot about how to keep an audience engaged at a corporate event. From using multiple forms of media to thoughtful pre-production, there are a number of things a corporate event production company focuses on to keep the audience glued to their seats. One of the most important is the flow of the event.

Go with the Flow

An event with good flow is an event that tells a story, and a story has flow. Let’s talk about a few examples of how to achieve good flow.

A Natural Progression

Corporate events are made up of many individual components such as speakers, videos, music, presentations, etc. These individual components need to progress in a natural way. A producer achieves this by ordering these components in a way that tells a story. For example, an opening video is followed by a speaker who expands on the themes introduced in the video. This is a natural progression which the next components of the event can build on, thereby creating the foundation of good flow.

Seamless Transitions

Transitions between individual components are just as important in achieving the storytelling aspect of an event. By this we mean, how does the event transition from a speaker into a video presentation, or from an on-stage interview to a musical performance? A producer achieves this by designing custom transitions that become a part of the story line itself, thereby creating good flow by seamlessly connecting the presentations.

How Does a Corporate Event Production Company Maintain the Flow?

A corporate event production company can help your event with show flow management. We manage every event as if it were a theatrical production. Things happen on cue and flow naturally, presentations are ordered in a logical way, music and transitions are on point. Pre-production and coaching presenters allows us to build a strong framework for your event so that when the time comes to execute, everyone knows what to do, and when and how to do it.

Don’t let a disjointed event get in the way of your organization’s message. Contact TalkingTree Creative today to learn more about going with the flow and corporate event production in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

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