Production vs. AV Companies: Which is Best for Corporate Event Production?

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You’ve almost certainly been to an event in which the multimedia was run by an AV company, though the chances are also good that you don’t remember which event it was, or even much of what it was about. There’s a good reason for this, and it lies in the difference between an AV company and a professional event production company. This week we’ll talk about the differences between the two, and which one is best for corporate event production in Baltimore and DC.

The Differences Between an AV and Production Company

AV Company

An AV company will set up and run the multimedia components of an event, but their responsibilities end there. So while your event will have multimedia components, their content is left up to you. An AV company plays no role in the content creation process or the execution of interactive multimedia. The job of the AV company is more or less to ensure all the electronics are hooked up correctly and to “press play” on your cue. This approach focuses on the bare minimum of event production: that everything is functioning. And while it is true that everything must be functioning, it’s also true that your audience needs to be engaged in order for your message to be heard. And an AV company does little in the way of engagement.

An Event Production Company

The focus of an event production is much larger in scale than that of the AV company. An event production company serves as your right hand in content creation for your corporate event. The producer listens to you and asks questions in order to determine what kind of message you’re trying to convey to your audience. The production company then tailors an interactive multimedia experience custom-made for your event and your particular audience that will best engage your audience and convey the message you want them to hear. We call it “Corporate Theater” because it IS theater. In fact, think about the suspension of disbelief that every audience member engages in when they walk into a theater. If you present your message to your audience when their mind is open and you engage them – if you respect the fact that they are giving you their time by engaging them, your audience’s ‘buy in” will be much deeper. Compare this to the press play approach of an AV company, and it’s not hard to see which is best for corporate event production.

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