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So you’re planning a live event, and it’s time to bring in the big guns; the production team. This is Part-Four of our Event Planning Survival Guide, where we make sure you sound like you know what you’re talking about when you sit down with the production company.

Even if you hire an agency to help plan your event, you still need to have a strong understanding of the logistics involved and the ways in which those details impact the workflow. If you’re planning the event on your own, then you really need to know this stuff.

Event planning
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This is your event.  You should know what you want. The team you hire is there to make that event come to life, but you need to have a vision. Provide some groundwork that your producers can use to create the event you’ve imagined.

We put together a list you can use to build that foundation and give your creative team/production team a framework for planning.

Event Prep For Dummies: What to Know Before Meeting With Producers

You’ll talk with your producers and decide on some things together, but other details should be predetermined. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you want your creative team to think, “Finally, someone who has their sh*t together!”


If you’ve been following our series, you know you should have nailed down your message by now. Be able to rattle off your mission statement, company culture, key personnel, and event objectives so your production team can begin to frame the event around these items. Basically, your theme and those key points should be burned so deep into your brain that your significant other wonders why you’re talking business in bed.

Audience Demographics

Be ready to describe your audience in detail to your team. Think of yourself as a private investigator and your team is the cheated party. They’re going to want to know everything, so put on your Hardy Boys hat and spill the dirt: gender, age, occupation, interests, etc.


Pick one or many vehicles to deliver your message.

vehicles for event delivery
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Not that vehicle. Forget what it means? Reacquaint yourselves. Maybe a video is the best way to share certain information, while a speaker makes more sense for other aspects of the message. Do you want to present some statistics in a badass infographic? Figure it out.

Details: From Simple to Sherlock-Level

By now, you have the date(s) and time of the event settled. You should also have the venue picked out. Make sure you’ve got all the specific details covered:

  • Venue, room name(s)
  • Floor-plans and/or size and specs of the room(s)
  • Power access
  • Seating capacity
  • Access dates & times
event venue planning

Provide a list of all planned or possible logistical details for the day of the event:

  • Plans for registration
  • Plans for meal, snacks, and drink service
  • Additional services (photo booths, concessions, etc)

Add to the list as needed, but now you’ve covered your bases, and you’re on your way toward planning a kick-ass event that all of your coworkers will wish they had initiated. You’re all done! Go you!


Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, you know how there are all these intricate moving parts to big events that the lighting, audio, projection, staging, and production people just magically take care of? Yeah, that’s a myth.

All of those small details have to be meticulously planned based on the information you provide! Believe it or not, every tiny component of the event – from a few extra attendees to the order of the award ceremony –  affect your producer’s attack plan.

Here’s an example:

You: I want to incorporate video into the event.

Producer: Oh, okay! So if you want to play video on-screen then we need to know if this video has already been created. If so, what’s the aspect ratio?  Based on the room and audience size we can suggest suitable screen sizes, quantities and layouts.  But what’s right for you depends on your budget. Did you want to incorporate live video?  Then, we need to make sure the subjects are lit appropriately.  You’re also going to need a switcher so our team can flawlessly switch between prerecorded video, the on-stage camera feed, and any additional graphics that will be displayed. What’s your budget again?


Awkward – MTV

Yeah, it’s a lot. Your producer is going to ask a ton of questions, and the answers you provide will set off a sequence of actions that essentially craft the entire event. So, just to give you a little perspective, here’s why the questions your team ask are super important:

event producer, event designer

Every seemingly simple question your producer asks you triggers a web of smaller moving parts. Events are a big deal, and the more energy you invest in the details, the closer the event comes to the image in your head!

See all the details come together when you plan your event with TalkingTree!

Tell us a little more about your upcoming event and our production experts can help you transform it into a fully engaging, memorable experience.


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