The Job

In 2018 we had the opportunity to work and be featured on the reality TV competition series, Make48 which airs on PBS and is distributed internationally.

Known for being the world’s fasted invention competition, groups of inventors have 48 hours to brainstorm a product, build a prototype and pitch the idea to investors. Our creative team appeared in season two to work with a finalist group and produce a product video that would successfully market their unique idea.

The Challenge

We become participants in the competition, which meant we’d also be limited to the time constraints while being filmed and interviewed for the TV show throughout the day. This was a unique chance for TalkingTree to showcase a behind-the-scenes view of our process, approach, and capabilities. The project presented both a challenge and an opportunity that we were really excited to dive into.

Our finalist was a team of two father-daughter duos who conceptualized a super flexible, multi-terrain chair that bends into several positions for optimal comfort in outdoor settings in which you’d find limited seating (let alone, comfortable seating).

It’s not every day that a project allows us to embrace our inner adolescence, so we were delighted to get to work on the “wedgie.”

Time and budget constraints forced our team to think outside the box in order to bring reach the finish line with a killer product video. We decided on using a dancer to demonstrate the flexibility of the wedgie and utilized green screen to create the illusion of multiple outdoor settings – this was a true challenge, as normally we would shoot these scenes in their true locations, but with only one 8-hour work day to brainstorm and film, we had to get creative.

The Outcome

Typically, Make48 dedicates a 2-minute time slot on the show to feature the participating production companies. After filming, Outpost Worldwide reached out to tell us they were so intrigued by our creative process that they would devote five minutes to TalkingTree on the episode.

We were also asked to come back for season three, where we took on a different role – Kaitlyn and Sarah chat about the whole experience in our upcoming podcast, so stay tuned!

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