Hughes’ Analyst Day 2018

Client: Hughes

Job: Live Studio Webcast

Hughes Network Solutions has been utilizing our studio for years to produce their own webcast series where they announce promotions, sales initiatives, goals, and more. When they came to us about bringing live broadcasts to another Hughes division, we were excited to get back to the drawing board. Hughes Analyst Day 2018 was different than their other webcasts because we introduced another level of audience interaction for a question-and-answer session toward the end of the show. Rather than producing a broadcast from our studio alone that would present one-way to audiences,  we connected a panel of Hughes executives through Webex to answer audience questions live. Our presenters in the studio read questions from an iPad, and the executives answered them in real-time from a remote location.

This format uncomplicates the corporate meeting style. Through live broadcasting, we were able to bring the presenters, the audience, and the experts together without the cost of transportation or lodging. The live-stream interface also allowed for more focused communication. Rather than presenting to a crowded room, presenters had allotted time to speak to their data before moving into the interaction portion. This eliminates interruptions and promotes better listening and retention by the audience.

Studio broadcasts also ensure everyone receives the same information. If someone misses the live show, they can access the archived video and watch at their convenience.

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