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Anacostia Holdings owns a number of freight railroads across the US. They were having a PR issue with local residents in Queens, NY, and wanted to show that they’re a good neighbor and community partner. 


James Street Associates (Anacostia Holdings’ agency of record) asked us to produce a PR video that could be used online and shown at community events to demonstrate how NYA (New York and Atlantic Railroad) has been part of the community for a long time and how the community depends on it for so many benefits that make it a great place to live.  The neighborhood in Queens is mainly Hispanic, so our client requested a Hispanic spokesperson to appear in the video. 

The TalkingTree Creative Solution:

We scripted, cast, and produced the video in 6 weeks.

We began with a site survey of the neighborhood to identify the street and location for the shoot and found the ideal spokesperson through a mid-Atlantic search.  Once we auditioned the spokesperson, we had to be flexible about scheduling to make sure he would be available for a couple of days in case of rain.  

Ultimately, We shot all of the spokesperson parts in one day and b-roll around the neighborhood and the railroad facilities on another day.

We featured all of the materials brought into town by the railroad, which the small businesses need to run their business.  The railroad also has an excellent safety record, and we highlighted that record with the environmental benefits the railroad brings, such as keeping many trucks off the road.

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