Virtual and Streaming Events

At TalkingTree Creative, we have extensive experience producing virtual events that give your audience a branded, multisensory, immersive experience. Sure, we can webcast a live event from our headquarters in Baltimore. We can also stream on-demand content to anywhere. But how do we transform it into an experience?

We start by creating a custom user interface that uniquely represents your brand, and then we make it an interactive experience so that a virtual viewer has many of the same options to participate and engage as your live attendees. Webinars and live events can be boring when you’re not part of the crowd, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We create events that keep your audience’s interest throughout your entire event.

A virtual event can look and feel just like a live event, but executed in an online platform. Everything from your live stage set to analytics to real-time audience interaction can be carried out on the cloud. With advancements in 3D imaging and virtual reality, the virtual event experience can be so much more than watching a web-hosted PowerPoint presentation.

Virtual event services include:

  • Virtual event strategy: from pre-production through global distribution, TTC drives the entire process.
  • Custom interface design: We build a custom platform for your event that includes a branded front-end experience for your attendees where they can seamlessly interact with the experience, network with other attendees and virtually immerse themselves in the event. The back-end of the platform features a host of guest analytics and lead-capture features for you.
  • Webinar and webcast integration: A webcast alone doesn’t make a virtual event, but it can be an asset to your virtual meeting. Like an in-person meeting, your virtual event may have several breakout rooms broadcasting webinars to different groups of attendees simultaneously.
  • Virtual environments: A web-based event gives you the opportunity to build ultra-realistic, 3D environments that make your audience feel like they’re really part of the experience. Place 360 cameras in your sessions so your guests can look around freely as if they were sitting in the room. Or place your speakers on a branded virtual stage set in a 3D meeting hall or ballroom.
  • Participant interaction: Live polling, virtual hand-raising, remote Q&A sessions, audience chat, and custom calls-to-action make our virtual event platform an engaging experience for your guests.
  • Networking possibilities: The virtual event space has endless opportunities for networking among our participants. Event apps that track audience interests and analytics might suggest virtual meetups or chats based on shared interests, job title, enthusiasm for specific topics, and more. Imagine notifications that alert attendees of other participants nearby with similar interests and lists public meeting places nearby for local meetups.

We can come to your venue for a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual elements, or we can build an entirely custom virtual environment for the full immersion effect!