Spaceway Technical Visual Animations


To provide our client’s customers with a concise over-view of all relevant aspects of the Spaceway Three, satellite-enabled system. This had to be accomplished to the standards of work previously done by us for the client, but in a much shorter than usual timeframe – a deadline of only ten days.


Several client teams were involved in the entire process. To minimize re-writes and delays, Talkingtree focused on the point person assigned to the project by the client. All communication to us was confirmed with that person, and all communication from us was through that person. In this way, responsibility for focusing the client’s input remained with the clients themselves, allowing us to concentrate on the production responsibilities.


Received brief from Doug Medina (point person) outlining key points to address.

Several graphic and video elements had to be created and the general concepts were derived from existing Power-point slides provided by the client. Our method was to incorporate as much of the client’s info as was needed, discarding minutia, and compose a message that was fairly flexible – that is, usable at trade shows and in the context of a sales pitch.

Talkingtree wrote the script and recorded the narration after all client personnel were satisfied with the content. All production personnel received instruction and general overview of project from Talkingtree.


Though initially the project’s scope seemed prohibitive to the client, their goals were met very much to their satisfaction. All project members were pleased with the pace and content and Talkingtree was able to deliver in time for a crucial trade show.

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