Kearney All-Hands Meeting

Date: March 2019

Location: Baltimore, Washington DC

Client: Kearney & Company

Kearney & Co. is a fast-growing accounting firm specializing in auditing and consulting for the Federal Government. Each year, they hold a day-long meeting in which all of their employees come together for a general session meeting and networking afterparty.

Kearney is always fun to work with because they like to inject humor into their original video content, so we typically knockoff scenes from popular movies or commercials and incorporate inside-jokes about company culture. The real challenge is creating an entertaining company meeting that still delivers critical information. Kearney also has a taste for high-production value and expects designs to reflect their world-class vision.

TalkingTree designs and executes this meeting each year like a theatrical event. We tackle every element from a custom-designed set to producing original video content, video bumpers, designing a presentation with custom graphics, working with presenters and making sure it all comes together without a hitch at showtime.

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