Hughes Sales & Marketing Meeting

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The Opportunity

Hughes is a multibillion-dollar company, and the world’s leading provider of satellite technology for homes and offices. Their annual sales and marketing meeting brings together 450 senior executives, senior engineers, and sales leaders from around the globe to recap their accomplishments, share their goals, and excite the company for the coming year. Hughes teamed with TalkingTree Creative to coordinate and manage each division’s presentations while weaving a cohesive message (All Systems Go!) and motivating the attendees through the addition of our own original content.

The Solution

TalkingTree designed a visually immersive set for the meeting: The audience’s seats surrounded a wraparound stage, behind which hung an undeniably fixating 125ft wide media screen from ceiling to stage. Forty-eight unique video/media pieces were created (by yours truly) for display on the screen along with graphic slides, music, and theatrical lighting. Using the screen as a digital set gave each presentation its own look and allowed for quick transitions between segments. To make the presenters’ material more accessible, TalkingTree turned technical information into cinematic presentations and incorporated the “All Systems Go!” theme throughout. Each of the 30 presenters performed in a dynamic environment, which allowed them to deliver deep emotional impact and resulted in great audience retention.

TalkingTree was also solely responsible for the entire production: including creating the theme, designing the stage set, hiring the entertainment, handling the registration of attendees, and even managing the menu and the catering. In addition to producing the general session, we also turned the room in an hour and a half and redecorated using digital décor to prepare for the awards dinner. For the evening awards celebration, TalkingTree coordinated the dinner and after party entertainment, centerpieces and award crystals and transformed the meeting room ambience into an elegant reception.

The Impact

Employees not only attended this meeting, they engaged in the experience. All Systems Go! proved to be an incredibly successful motivational theme, exciting the audience for the upcoming year. Not only were the stakeholders of the event elated, but also attendees commented that they actually got goose bumps due to their strong emotional reaction. The total immersion multi media screen made the audience feel that they were part of the projected environment and the inclusion of numerous videos kept presentation time contained. The onscreen material also provided entertainment due to the planned interaction between the presenters on stage and the original videos displayed. The company as a whole was able to communicate to each other a clear strategy and direction for the coming year and even more so, inspired each other to think of new ways to continue to grow their company.

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