GSK VR Pilot

Client: GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Respiratory Division

The Respiratory sector of GSK approached our team about producing an interactive virtual reality experience as part of the ERS event in which medical professionals convene to hear a panel of doctors present innovations in research. During this event, we design a custom set for GSK where they host talk show-style one-on-one interviews with the doctors presenting research at the conference. The client wanted to use VR technology to bring the audience closer to the experts by using 360 video and the Oculus Go headset. The audience would put on the VR gear and be transported on set where we were producing the show.

After doing some research and considering the audience experience, our team suggested that rather than using 360 video, we build a custom virtual 3D space that included video from the interviews on one wall and branded interactive graphics on the other walls. This would provide a more immersive experience, and the addition of responsive, animated graphics would keep the user interested and promote more complete retention of the information. We also built out two other options including GSK’s original proposal and an augmented reality experience.

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