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Full Service Event Video Production Offer:

This Package Includes: 

We Think In Multiple Angles:

Multiple PTZ Cameras: Achieve captivating coverage with unmanned robotic cameras (2-4, or even more) that flawlessly adjust angles, zoom, and focus, ensuring every detail is captured in stunning clarity.

Cinematic Quality: Our skilled videographers and state-of-the-art equipment deliver cinematic 35mm film-quality visuals that bring your events to life.

We're More Than Just Camera Ops:

Video Director with Switcher: Our experienced director orchestrates the show, switching between cameras, graphics, and pre-produced content for a polished and professional feel.

Pre-Produced Video Playback: Seamlessly Integrate pre-recorded interviews, testimonials, or product demos with your live production.

Archival ISO: We capture footage with pristine quality, ensuring your video remains a lasting treasure, ready for future broadcasts, editing into highlight reels, or digital archives.

..Oh, And We Do Livestreaming, Too:

Our technicians can stream presentations, events, and broadcasts of any content, expending your audience and the availability of your message. 

Full Service Event Video Production Offer :

  • 3-4 or more cameras (4K with 35mm look all controlled by one camera operator)
  • Cinematic look with less labor and cost
  • A Video Director with Switcher
  • Recording of program and Isos
  • Playback of pre-produced videos
  • Add-on: we can also take care of graphics display

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