Webcasts & Webinars

In today’s virtual world, webinars and webcasts are proving to be more popular than ever for business and personal communication. At TalkingTree Creative, we can help you better connect with your audience with our live studio webinars and webcasts offerings. Keep reading to learn how we can turn your presentations into an exciting production.


What is a webinar?

The word webinar comes from the combination of “web” and “seminar,” when put together the meaning is a seminar that takes place in a virtual, online space where the audience can log on from anywhere.

A webinar is an interactive online seminar whose content is primarily educational. It consists of a speaker, or several speakers, and the audience, which is typically smaller than for a webcast.

How does a webinar work?

A webinar typically includes a speaker or several speakers from the hosting organization. The speakers use online software to share digital content with their audience including PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, and other multimedia content. Webinars typically have audio and visual components, and other features to help keep the audience engaged. These features can include Q&A sessions, gamification, live chat, and more.

What are the benefits of webinars for your business?

Webinars offer a wide range of benefits that the modern business can and should be taking advantage of. Here are a few of them:

1. They generate content for your online presence

Modern webinar hosting software packages almost all come with a recording feature. This not only obviously gives you the benefit of highly valuable video content that can be shared around or referenced where necessary, but it’s also great for later converting into blog posts, Q&A content, and much more.

2. They generate leads

Webinar attendees provide information to attend your webinar. You can also have virtually unlimited attendees at a single webinar. From a bare-minimum standpoint, that’s like collecting a bunch of business cards. You can collect potential leads’ job titles, responses to any polls or Q&A’s you used in your webinar – and much more intimate data than simply a name and email address.

3. They build brand value

When you create attractive and useful webinar content and share impressive industry content with your attendees, you build brand awareness and promote your organization as an industry leader.


What is a webcast?

A webcast is a one-way flow of information to a large audience. It might resemble a television program, as it doesn’t focus on interactions with the participants. Webcasts mostly include audio streams, presentation slides, or video clips.

How does a webcast work?

Unlike a webinar, a webcast is when a host, or several co-hosts, simply broadcast their presentation without engaging the audience. A large number of people can view a webcast online from any device, but they can’t interact with the presenter. Additionally, whereas a webinar is live, a webcast can be pre-recorded before it is shared.

What are the benefits of webcasts for your business?

More and more top brands are swapping the traditional (boring), slide-driven webinar style for its younger, cooler cousin – the live studio webcast.


Webcasts deliver the information your audience needs in an exciting, engaging format that feels more like a TV show than a presentation. If you want to expand your audience and see more interaction with your brand, consider webcasts as your presentation go-to.

Whether it’s informational lectures, demonstrations, training, product roll-outs or sales updates, the webcast format benefits multiple audiences, from employees and stakeholders to customers and prospects. By increasing your visibility online, webcasts unite a geographically scattered audience while maximizing your resources.

Upgrade to Webcasts

At TalkingTree, we’ve produced streaming video programs for clients in every industry. Our combined experience for live events and passion for video production come together to serve this unique format on a level that other production companies can’t match.

You’ll become part of the team as we work together to design and deliver your personalized webcast that will look and sound like a broadcast-quality TV show.

When you produce with TTC, we combine your vision with our creative expertise to bring your ideas to life. Choose from interactive elements, graphics, music, and more to make your production even more engaging as it’s hosted on the world’s largest content delivery network – to an unlimited audience.

Your Place or Ours

Looking for a place to stage your event? Try out our studio, complete with a stage, customized studio set, cameras, lights, and audio. Best of all, stream it live with no venue fee. We have everything you need to make your next webcast a rousing success.

Pick your place or ours – let TalkingTree Creative facilitate your next webcast. With over two decades in the production arts under our belt, we’re ready to help you engage your audience in your next interactive web feature.