Product Roll Out Events

If you have spent years of hard work, sweat, and tears creating a new product, you need to be sure that it will be rolled out in a way that’s worthy of all that went into it. Your product roll out should receive the appropriate amount of fanfare so that your efforts will not be wasted on an uninterested and unengaged audience. By working with an experienced video production company, you can create the buzz that your brand needs to create the kind of recognition your product deserves!

TalkingTree Creative provides event and video production for product roll outs in the Baltimore-Washington corridor and the greater Mid-Atlantic region. We can also organize events for national companies who want to execute product roll out events at venues or locations nationwide. No matter what type of product you are debuting, our team will design and manage an event that employs creativity and unique storytelling strategies that will help elevate your brand and allow your new product to stand out from the crowd.

A product roll out event should be as exciting as the product it’s celebrating

A product roll out should be far more than just playing a video that describes your new product. Instead, it should be an entire event that gives your audience the chance to experience not only the product but the values and personality of your brand as well. TalkingTree Creative designs product roll out events that add dimension and character to your product and help your audience better understand your brand. By creating an interesting and interactive event dedicated to your new product, it will translate into brand recognition and loyalty.

Your product roll out event should be as unique as your company, which is why it is smart to partner with an experienced production company who can help you achieve your goals and execute a seamless event that will leave your audience eager for more. Whether you want to incorporate a live streaming event or need help deciding on content for live events, we have the expertise and experience you need to trust that we will execute the perfect event for your brand. From entertainment to video production services to logistics such as lighting and AV equipment, we will handle every aspect of your product roll out event using our signature Strategic Creative philosophy. Let us plan your event so that you can focus on what really matters: Telling the story of your newest product!