Corporate Theater

Which would you prefer: brand recognition or brand experience? Audiences want to be engaged, not simply lectured to about something in which they have no emotional investment. Using corporate theater, your event can stand out in the minds of your audience, build brand loyalty, and leave viewers with an experience they’ll never forget.

A custom theatrical event crafted around your brand will get your message out there in a way you never thought possible. At TalkingTree Creative, our creative savvy and expert production skills have made us an industry leader in experiential event production. We work with corporate clients in the Baltimore-Washington corridor as well as the greater Mid-Atlantic region and nationwide to produce unforgettable corporate theater.

Convey your company’s message with a powerful theatrical experience

We understand that people receive information on many levels and the most powerful impression is made on the emotional level. Get your message across with more impact and higher retention by using corporate theatre to tell your story with staying power. From celebrity speakers to custom theatrical shows, our expertise and history in the entertainment business informs all that we do. We have managed countless corporate events, product launches, and more, so we have the experience you can count on to ensure your event goes off without a hitch

Using our signature Strategic Creative approach, we will gain an understanding of the underlying goals of your event so that we can incorporate elements of corporate theater that truly elevate your product roll out. Once we have gathered the information we need, we will handle every detail of the creating a unique performance. Along every step of the way, we will ensure that the entertainment and overall theme and messaging of the event is in line with your corporate goals and vision. We work closely with your team to ensure that every element will be on the same page so that the final event will wow your audience and provide a positive association with your brand that will last long after the curtain closes.

Attendees deserve an incredible celebration, and we take our job of providing entertainment that accomplishes that very seriously. Since 1991, TalkingTree Creative has been responsible for providing custom entertainment solutions with an end goal in mind. We will work with popular theatrical groups and recording artists to choose an act that meshes perfectly with your brand. Our experience as an event production company ensures a seamless, enjoyable event that brings recognition to your brand, company and/or product. Now that’s a tune everyone likes to hear!