The Different Types of Stories You Can Tell in a Video

Telling Stories in Video

What kinds of stories can you tell in your corporate videos?

Corporate videos can do many things depending on your vision for them. They can deliver crucial information to your target audience to help them make more informed decisions. They can explain how your product or service works and why your target audience should utilize it. Increasingly, brands are using videos as a means of telling a story. Your story can create a powerful impression on your audience and lead to the kind of brand loyalty that will keep them coming back for more. But there are a variety of different kinds of stories you can tell. Knowing which type to use at the right time is the key to making the most of your video marketing strategy. Here are some of the different kinds of stories you can tell in a video.


The values story is one of the ways you can make your brand stand out from the pack. It describes the kind of person or brand that you are and what you stand for. Values stories are effective because they connect your audience to your brand on a deep level.


Why stories help you build a level of trust with your audience by giving them the rationale behind what you or your brand does. Everyone can relate to having motivations, and this type of story is great for engagement, provided that the audience can sense that your motivations are from the heart.


Sometimes, Hollywood origin story movies can be more popular than the original movies themselves! And there’s a reason why origin stories in some instances prove to be the most popular form of corporate video – relating where you came from and how you got to where you are today is an irresistible format for audiences.


The vision story is the opposite of the origin story – where the origin story looks to the past, the vision story is concerned with the future. Having a vision of where you or your brand is going is indicative of a higher drive to success that your audience will pick up on. It offers your audience a stake in your future success.


Impact stories show your audience the kind of effect you or your brand is having on the wider community. These are critical to establishing trust between your community and your brand, and many have gone viral on social media.


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