Evaluating the Success of Your Corporate Event

Evaluating Success of Event

Short surveys are a great way to gauge the success of your corporate event.

Planning a corporate event can be a whirlwind experience for even the most seasoned brand veterans. You can get so wrapped up in the details of the event that it can be difficult to see what happens when it is over. What now? It’s important to keep your brand goals in mind as you plan an event – and, to figure out whether your goals have been met, you’ll need a way to evaluate how your event went. What makes an event successful and how do you evaluate it?

Brand Goals

Having goals is what drives a brand’s success, so it’s very important to have some goals in mind before starting the event planning process. The goals you choose will inform various decisions about the way you approach your event, how you organize your team, and how you will put them in the best possible position for success. And as you plan more events, you can use the lessons and data you have learned in the past to guide you in the future.


After an event is over, you’ll need to evaluate how your strategy and approach fared and determine ways that you can improve later. The metrics you use for evaluation purposes will vary depending on your brand’s goals, but here are a few key statistics you’ll be looking at.

  • Attendee Satisfaction: One of the best ways to gauge the success of your brand’s event strategy is to ask the attendees themselves! Make surveys available to your attendees to complete – but don’t make them too in-depth and overly complicated. Utilize number scales to make surveys easy and quick to complete.
  • ROI Metrics: Brands invest into setting up at events in the hopes that that investment will pay off with new customers and leads. Determining the cost and value of each new sale or lead is a great way to compare the performance of your event strategies over time.
  • Social Media: We’ve talked before about how big of a deal sharability is in today’s market. When attendees share your content with their friends, they determine that there is some value in what you’re doing. Evaluate your brand’s mentions across social media accordingly. If more eyes are seeing it, you’re potentially getting a larger return on your investment!


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