How to Determine if a Festival Event is a Good Fit for Your Brand

Festival Event Marketing

When done with proper planning, marketing efforts at a festival can yield big results.

The growth of the festival event has been one of the defining stories of the last few years. Brands are realizing the potential for audience engagement they can get at these events, especially since they seem to draw a large audience of young attendees. Your brand might be investigating whether a festival environment is suitable to execute a creative marketing plan. It may be a good idea, but you’ll need to have a well-defined strategy in place to make the most of the opportunity. Here are some considerations you should make before signing onto a festival.

Have a Set of Clear Goals

When most people think of festivals, they tend to think of big music-oriented ones such as Bonnaroo in Tennessee, South by Southwest in Texas or Firefly in Delaware. However, even these have a scope beyond their apparent intention. SXSW, for example, has always had a much broader focus on the arts in general. Often, the question for marketers is how their brand can fit in with the stated aims of the festival organizer.

Consider questions similar to what you would ask yourself for any other event: what is your target audience? How can you create deeply engaging content for that audience and slot it into what the organizers are trying to achieve? How can the organizers support you in your goals? These considerations will clarify what you can reasonably expect from a particular branding opportunity at a festival.

Gauge the Vibe of the Festival

Determining the aesthetic of the festival will go a long way in coming up with effective experiential marketing plans. Bonnaroo, for instance, is renowned for its focus on a community-driven spirit. The festival context will direct your efforts and help you develop quality content that will amaze and engage your audience.

Do Your Research on the Venue Location

You want to make sure your branding team does its due diligence regarding all of the intangibles associated with a large event like a festival. Is the infrastructure sufficient to handle the crowd size expected for the event? You don’t want your brand to be associated with an event that leaves a net adverse impact on the city it is based in.


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